About Us

This blog/website is designed to share information relevant to residents of the Pine Hollow Homeowners Association HOA in Pearland, TX.

In response to the many Pine Hollow homeowners who feel that communication from the Pine Hollow HOA Board is not serving their needs, a group of residents has decided to establish this website to improve the flow of communication. Our intention is to share relevant news and information that the Pine Hollow HOA is failing to communicate.

We will try to fill the void in communication by providing information that affects us all as Pine Hollow homeowners.  Please join us on our Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pine_Hollow to follow discussions concerning our subdivision.  Our goal with the yahoo group is to create a forum for people to find recommendations for landscapers, painters and other vendors.  It is also for a forum to allow residents to buy or sell items such as tickets.  Are you looking for a baby sitter?  This forum also could be used for that.  These are just examples of the types of discussion that this Yahoo group could be used for.

If you have information that you think will be of interest to the entire community, please e-mail friendsofpinehollow@gmail.com