Tip of the Week – Bank “Jugging”

The scheme is not new, but the crime of bank “jugging” is gaining popularity.  Jugging is a term used to describe a crime associated with thieves burglarizing vehicles after victims leave a bank. These criminals target bank customers who leave the bank with a cash withdrawal.  They wait for the bank customer to get in their car and follow them to their next destination. Once the victim continues with their errands, the thieves break into the car and steal the money.

Here are a few signs to watch for: (1) Vehicles that are left running in the parking lot with multiple people inside; (2) People who are waiting in the parking lot but never enter the bank; (3) Vehicles switching parking spaces; and (4) Vehicles with dark window tint.

There are a few ways you can be proactive:  (1) Be aware of your surroundings; (2) Never enter or leave the bank with your money bag or money envelope in plain sight; (3) After you leave the bank, never go to another location to run an additional errand.  Call someone to meet you outside at your car to take the money inside.  There is safety in numbers.  (4) Take a different or inconspicuous rout to your home or business from the bank.

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