Securing Your Flood-Damaged Home

In the aftermath of a major widespread disaster, the police are stretched to the limits to keep everyone and everyone’s property safe due to the sheer enormity of the area devastated.  You must take precautions to protect your own property from looters.  The main difference between looters and other thieves is twofold. First, they are more despicable than an average thief because they focus on taking advantage of unfortunate people when they are helpless and in trouble. Secondly, they are predictable.  You absolutely know they will be there after a disaster.

Looters take advantage of property destruction, so you must establish your perimeter security by blocking open access to your house with entry obstructions. The garage door, the main doors, should all be locked.  Leave the nightlight on to make sure they know someone lives there and is checking on the home to ensure it’s not further damaged.

Keep in mind the same precautions you take when you are leaving your home for a vacation. Do everything you can to make your home look like there are still people and signs of activity in the home and that your home is being watched by someone you trust. Collect mail and take the trash cans out and/or bring them back in.

Lock everything. Many homes are left unlocked at all hours of the day.  You are not protecting your home if you are not locking the doors, windows and your garage.

If you see looters, report them right away to law enforcement.

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