Tip of the Week: Reporting Suspicious Activity

The success of the Police Department is enhanced by the active involvement of the citizens of Pearland. When you call to report suspicious activity, you aid not only the police department, but you make your neighborhood a safer place in which to live and work.

A suspicious activity is an occurrence that is out of place in your neighborhood. Many times people notice something suspicious but don’t call the police department because they assume someone else has called.  Don’t assume! Make the call – if the suspicious activity has already been reported, the police dispatcher will tell you.

If you call the Police Department and the suspicious activity turns out to be nothing, that’s okay.  Your role as a concerned citizen and good neighbor is to report whatever you think is wrong or suspicious.

When you call to report suspicious activity, be calm and ready to provide as many of the following facts as you have available:  What happened?  Where and when did it occur? Is anyone injured? Provide a description of vehicle(s), license plate numbers, time and direction of travel of suspect(s), and a description of suspect(s), including clothing.

While it may seem as though you are being asked a lot of questions, the information is for the safety of responding officers.  The police dispatcher is attempting to gather as much information about the situation as possible so the officers will have a clearer picture of what they may encounter when they arrive at the scene.  Please remain calm and cooperate with the police dispatcher.

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