Flashing Yellow Arrows Coming to Pine Hollow Drive and 518

Tired of waiting for that left arrow at the Pine Hollow Drive and 518 to enter the subdivision.  The City of Pearland will be installing a flashing yellow arrow at this intersection soon.

The City of Pearland is continuing the installation of left turn signals with flashing yellow arrows. First introduced in 2014, the City will gradually add new signals to intersections throughout the city at a rate of one new signal per month.

Flashing yellow arrows replace protected green arrow left turns and help to reduce delay and wait time on major thoroughfares. According to a recent study, researchers concluded that the flashing yellow arrow was safer and more effective than the simple circular green light and other signals at conveying to drivers that they need to yield before turning left. Flashing yellow arrows mean that left turns are allowed, but drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

  • When the yellow arrow flashes, drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before turning left.
  • Drivers should not proceed into the intersection until there is adequate space in oncoming traffic to make a safe left turn.
  • Drivers who enter the intersection and wait are no longer detected by the traffic signal and may be caught in the intersection when the light changes.

Flashing yellow signals are currently installed at the following locations:

  • CR 59 @ Kirby
  • Dixie Farm @ Oakbrook /Westfield
  • Broadway @ South Lake
  • Pearland Parkway @ Province Village
  • Kirby @ Rear Town Center Mall
  • Pearland Parkway @ Oiler
  • Pearland Parkway @ Dixie Farm

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