Reminder: Pine Hollow HOA Assessements Due Jan 31st

In October, the Pine Hollow HOA sent out the annual assessment statements.  The 2015 Pine Hollow HOA Subdivision Assessment is $305.  If you have not received your statement, please contact the Graham Management at or 713-334-8000 Payments are due by January 1, 2016.  Payments received after January 31, will incur late fees and interest.

If you are unable to pay your assessments, contact Graham Management at or 713-334-8000 so you can be put on a payment plan.  The Pine Hollow HOA is required to offer payment plans to the residents. Please review the Pine Hollow HOA Payment Policy for details concerning payment plans.

If your assessment statement is more than $305 this could be due to prior late charges, collection costs, certified letter fees, mowing fees and etc.  If you are unsure of the additional charges or if you feel the amount is incorrect, contact Graham Management or 713-334-8000

There are several ways to pay your bill. But using credit cards or e-checks will incur additional charges

  • By mail –  Make your check out to Pine Hollow HOA. Address mail payments to:  Graham Management  PO Box 678206  Dallas, TX 75267-8206
  • On-Line Payment Options – there is a convenience fee associated with on-line payments of $14.95. On-line payments can be made at the Pine Hollow On-Line Payments.  E-checks are processed like regular checks you will need your account number and your routing number.  Credit cards you can make payments using your VISA, Discover or Mastercard.  If you have questions about using on-line payments see Homeowner Guide to e-Payments.
  • On-Line Bill Providers – If you use this service through your bank, you will need to use the account number provided to you by Graham Management.  You must use the correct number otherwise there may be a delay in processing your payment.

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