TEXAS-HOA must pay legal fees

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bruce Olson

A bitter three-year dispute in Kingwood’s Royal Shores Village was possibly laid to rest Sept 17.  A Harris County Court jury awarded all legal expenses incurred to homeowners Jill and Christopher Curran in their lawsuit against the Royal Shores Community Homeowners Association. The expenses were the result of their lawsuit to stop the association’s board of directors’ decision to discontinue mowing an area which had been mowed and maintained consistently since before the Curran’s bought their land and built their home.

“The whole thing was unnecessary. It’s a shame the Currans were put through this. It’s an abuse of power,” said Fry. She explained that she believed a neighbor of the Currans got on the board and convinced it to stop the mowing for his own personal reasons. That homeowner has recently resigned from the board and is reportedly planning to leave the area.

Fry explained that the HOA offered to settle and pay all the Currans’ expenses shortly before the jury trial began, if the Currans would agree to limited mowing, an area approximately 15 feet deep into the 100-by-100 foot disputed area along the side adjacent to the Currans’ property.

The Currans refused because their reason for the lawsuit was to have the entire area maintained as it had always been in the past, thus providing the views they had purchased in good faith and protecting the integrity of their property value.   Read the article

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