City of Pearland Warns about Jury Summons Scam

The City of Pearland has received numerous reports from residents who have received threatening calls from individuals stating that there is a warrant issued for their arrest for missed jury service. The callers present themselves as a representative of the Pearland Municipal Court or a Pearland police officer, sometimes providing a badge number. The caller states that they have a warrant to arrest the individual by name for missing Jury Service and that they can avoid a trip to jail only by providing a credit card number over the phone to ensure their appearance at a future date. The court address is provided and residents are told that they must pay although they have not received a summons.This is a scam. Do not under any circumstance provide the caller with your credit card information.

The Pearland Municipal Court mails out jury summons weekly and never makes phone calls. Notifications such as these are sent only by official City correspondence. If you receive a call about missing jury duty, please call the Brazoria County District Clerk’s Office phone number at 979.864.1836 or Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office at 979.864.1230.

For questions about jury summons, call the Pearland Municipal Court at 281.997.5900.

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