Pine Hollow HOA – Still a Half-Hearted Compliance with State Law

The Pine Hollow HOA has issued a letter questioning the credibility of this website in a recent letter to the HOA Membership.  However, you can decide on the credibility issue.  Take into consideration the following:

The note, when you click on Documents, on the public and private side of the official website, states, “Here you will find documents relevant to our community.”  In response to our prior article, the HOA has just added, “You can also visit the Graham Management Website for more information.”


The link provided is  When you click this link you are taken to this page:


Where on this page does it indicate that there are additional documents available on the Management Company’s website for homeowners to review.  There is absolutely no mention of available documents anywhere. Why isn’t there a direct link to which list some of the documents missing on the “Official Pine Hollow Website”?


Is the Board just trying to make it difficult for members to access this information?  Sure it “on the management company’s website” but the links going to that website do not take you directly to the information.  If they can provide a link, why not provide the direct link that gets a person to the information directly and efficiently?  For that matter, any reasonable resident would think that if they clicked on the Document button on the “official HOA website” that ALL the documents would be there, “one stop shopping”.  For that matter, the HOA can have ALL the documents on the “official website” as well as the management company’s website to ensure that residents can access the information.  There is nothing, except themselves, preventing the HOA from doing so.

As for missing documents, yes the the Management Company’s website and the “official Pine Hollow” website is still missing several filings made by the HOA.  Here is a portion of the list that is still missing:

The HOA has not posted these documents as required by the State Laws.  As you can see, some of these documents have been around for years.  These are changes to our “governing documents” or are the original documents filed and therefore need to be publicly posted on the website.  There is no reason why these documents are missing.

So how accurate is the information on the “official Pine Hollow website” and the management company’s website? Obviously, not so much.

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