Brazoria County Library System Adds Total BooX

Here is something new, different and irresistible.
Total Boox, a new ebook service was just added to our library. It is truly a revolutionary service, with a rich offering:

• Availability: All ebooks are always available to all users.
• Freedom: No holds, no limitations, no expirations.
• Simplicity: Just one click to download any book.

Essentially you can download any book you want and as many books as you want, read online and offline, and keep the books on your device for as long as you wish.
If you found other ebook solutions difficult, this one is very easy. Just one click to download any book you want.
Choose from thousands of titles from top publishers. Total Boox has all kinds of books, children’s, mysteries, romances, computer, science, self-help, business, quilting, crafts. You name it – and Total Boox will have something for you. Click here to explore further

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