Parents Cars at Day Care Centers Targeted by Thieves

Suspects are targeting valuables in parked cars at child care centers. Typically, the suspects will park next to the victim’s vehicle or wait in the parking lot until the victim goes inside the building or walks away. The suspects will then open the unlocked car door or break a window to gain entry to steal valuables, which have been left in plain sight.

These suspects are bold. They will commit these offenses in close proximity to occupied businesses or witnesses, and will use stolen identification, credit cards and checks shortly after the offense is committed. Residents are warned not to leave valuables of any kind in your vehicle.

You can easily reduce the risk of your vehicle being burglarized by following these simple suggestions:

  1. Lock your doors and roll up your windows.
  2. Don’t leave valuables in your car. Simply hiding valuables does not work. Take your valuables with you.
  3. Set your car alarm or anti-theft device.
  4. Park in well-lit, crowded areas.
  5. Be your “brother’s keeper.”  Watch out for each other! Be aware of your surroundings, and suspicious people and vehicles.  If something or someone looks out of place, immediately call 911 or the Police Department 

Remember, it takes a thief only 30 seconds to break into your vehicle and steal your valuables. It only takes you 30 seconds to take your valuables with you.

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