Another Burglary of Habitation in Pine Hollow

The Pearland Police Department has reported two burglaries recently in Pine Hollow.  The first one occurred on August 15, 2014 on the 1300 block of Pine Forest.  The most recent one has occurred August 19, 2014 on the 3600 block of Pine Valley.  If you have any information about these crimes or if you see anything suspicious, please call the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4100.  Please help keep our neighborhood safe.

Tips in preventing your house from being a target:

1. Get an Indoor Dog

More often than not thieves will pick a house that’s dog-free rather than take the risk.

2. Lock Your Doors and Windows

This seems like an obvious tip, but I’m sure many of us have neglected to do this at times.

Make sure your doors and windows are always locked. And all windows. Experts say 23% of break-ins occur through first-floor windows. So securing these should be a top priority. GE makes a wireless alarm kit you can purchase for $25 that will sound if a door or window is opened. This is a very inexpensive way to protect vulnerable areas in your home.

Don’t forget to secure side doors and garage doors as well.

3. Use Strategic Landscaping

Thorny rose bushes under windows will make thieves think twice before going in that way.

Also, keep your bushes and hedges trimmed to a minimum; don’t give thieves a place to hide while they scope out your place.

Gravel and loose stones can also alert you (or a dog) that someone is approaching your house.

And make sure your yard is well-lit during the night!

4. Hide Valuables

Can people see your 50-inch flat screen TV from the sidewalk? What about your super-expensive stereo system?

Make sure your valuables are hidden from passer-bys. Use privacy curtains (sheer curtains that let in light but block the view) so people can’t see in while you’re away at work. With the holidays coming up, this especially includes gifts! Don’t leave gifts, even wrapped ones, in front of any window.

5. Install Double Key Deadbolts

Experts say 34% of all thieves come in right through the front door. So any investment you make securing your front door will probably pay off.

Double key deadbolts are the kind that require a key not only to enter, but also to exit. With a double key deadbolt lock, if thieves do break in, getting your stuff out is going to be really difficult unless they break the door down.

The downside to double key deadbolts is they can be dangerous in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. Consider this carefully before installing one. If you do put one in, keep the key very close to the door in a hiding place that’s easy to remember.

You should also have a lock far away from any windows that are a part of your door. If someone breaks through your door window glass, they can easily turn a regular indoor deadbolt. Have another lock at the top or bottom of your door that’s out of reach.

6. Secure Patio Doors

Security experts say most thieves don’t want to smash sliding glass doors because they’re so noisy. They’d much rather slide it open. To prevent this, secure your sliding door by placing a sawed-off broom handle in the track to prevent it from opening.

7. Don’t Advertise

If you’re going away for a week, don’t tell people on your answering machine that you’re out of town. Police say that, surprisingly, many thieves will find your number and call to see if you’re at home.

If you’re going to be away, make sure you purchase a timer that will automatically turn on lamps when it gets dark. Also, either put a temporary stop on your mail, or have a neighbor pick up your mail, packages, and newspapers so your home doesn’t look vacant.

8. Be Prepared

Make sure you religiously back up your computers and laptops in the event those items are stolen.

Also, make sure your portable hard drive is kept hidden in an innocuous place where it won’t get hurt (like the kitchen pantry or laundry room).

Keep money out of site.

Take pictures or video of your valuables. Know the model numbers and purchase prices of your most expensive items. The insurance company will want this information if it’s stolen.

If Your House IS Broken Into:

  • Don’t go into the house. If you’ve already walked in, leave immediately. The thieves may still be inside, and it’s not worth your life to find out.
  • Call the police from your cell phone or from a neighbor’s house.
  • Don’t touch anything. The thieves might have left fingerprints.

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