Texas Dumps State Inspection Sticker for Single Tag

(HOUSTON) – The view outside your car’s windshield is about to get larger as Texas adopts a single sticker for both state vehicle registration and inspection.

The second sticker will be eliminated beginning March 2015, after the Texas Legislature passed the new policy to combat fraudulent window stickers.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says drivers will now be required to submit their car for inspection no more than 90 days before they renew.

The state is expected to save $2.1 million by switching to the one-sticker policy.

Motorists with a registration sticker due before their inspection tag in 2015 will be permitted to skip inspection until their next registration in 2016.

No such luck for those whose inspection sticker expires before their registration. You’ll have to get your car inspected in 2015.

Source: News 92FM and our friends at Silvercreek Tribune


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