Pine Hollow HOA Board Files More Liens Against Residents

The trend is continuing where the Pine Hollow HOA is filing additional liens against homeowners.  In May, 2014, the Pine Hollow HOA Attorney has filed liens against more residents for unpaid assessments.   These liens are being placed against homeowners who owe as little as $661.   The Pine Hollow HOA can choose to foreclose against homeowners for these unpaid assessments.   As reported prior, Holt and Young may be aggressive in pursuing residents for past dues.  There are many un-resolved lien filings by the HOA…will this result in foreclosures or lawsuits…only time will tell.

Homeowners that have unpaid dues or if you are unsure if you have paid your dues, should contact the Graham management company as soon as possible to resolve the situation.  If you have received a letter from the Pine Hollow HOA stating that your dues are unpaid, do not ignore this letter, respond to the management company or the attorney.  If you paid your dues, there may have been a problem with your payment being processed correctly since there was a change in management companies this year.  So make sure you have proof of your payment, such as your cancelled check

The Pine Hollow HOA does offer a payment plan as per the policy  Payment Policy  Although the Pine Hollow HOA dues are reasonable at $305 per year, attorney fees and late fees can compound quickly which may escalate your bill to thousands of dollars.

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