Home Alarm System Information

Area thieves are exhibiting new behavior.  They have adapted to circumvent traditional home alarms.  Most area homes are built with a standard hardwire alarm system that works off magnetic contacts. Home alarms should be upgraded.

While the “GOLD PACKAGE” may be recommended, there are some minimum standards that should be present in all alarm systems.  First, the keypad should have a system that has a cellular package, either as a backup or main.  Second, there should be contacts on all doors and windows (that open) and lead outside of the home.  If there are detached buildings, such as a garage, all the doors and windows on that building should be treated with the same standard as the main home.

Additionally, a glass break and/or motion sensors should be installed. Keep in mind, motions sensors should be discussed with the alarm installer, especially if pets are kept inside the home as there are alternative options. Focus on the back and sides of the home first before the front, as most home burglars enter the home through the rear.

Sirens are another very important component. There should be two sirens installed and they need to be LOUD! When the alarm triggers and sounds, it should be difficult to stay inside because of the siren volume. The second siren should be mounted outside your home (if your HOA allows it), or in the attic near a vent at the front of the home. This siren needs to be just as loud because its purpose is to gain attention from the neighbors.

All this being said, know that 99 percent of alarm calls are false. So make sure your alarm company has good contact information for all members of the home and a secondary person you trust. Become familiar with the city ordinances regarding alarms.

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