New Online Discussion Questions – Pearland’s Comprehensive Plan Update

New Online Discussion Questions – Pearland’s Comprehensive Plan Update

Visit Pearland’s online discussion forum to respond to the four newest questions pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan Update. City of Pearland is engaging our residents, property and business owners, and all who have a stake in the future of Pearland. Posts will be seen by City decision-makers, staff and consultants as we plan ahead for Pearland’s continued success!  If you would like to participate in the discussion visit:  Below are 4 new questions that the City is requesting input to.
What opportunities do you see for drawing more visitors and tourism dollars to Pearland?
Arts and entertainment
Business travel and meetings/conventions
Continued development of unique destinations (e.g., Old Townsite, Lower Kirby District, Town Center, etc.)
Medical services
Parks and recreation
Special events/festivals
Sports events/tournaments

What are some specific additions or improvements you would like to see in Pearland’s parks and recreation system?

What sort of trail/sidewalk linkages are most important to you?
Home to work
Home to schools
Home to public facilities (e.g., parks, library)
Home to shopping/services
Work to public facilities (e.g., parks, library)
Work to shopping/services
Parks to parks
Local trails to trails beyond the City of Pearland

If Pearland develops a multi-purpose event facility, what would be some good locations to consider, and why?

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