City of Pearland Recycling Program: Love It or Hate It?

One of the hot topics this week on local social media is the issue of 96-gallon recycling bins going out to all residents within the Pearland city limits. While the City conducted a “pilot program” back in September, 2013 and its success led to several announcementsof the city-wide bin offering, many residents feel that they were never informed, nor did they have a chance to say, “no, thanks.”

With the large bins being delivered last week, continuing into the upcoming week, several residents have returned home to find the bin in the driveway, still not knowing what it was. City Councilman Keith Ordeneaux has been encouraging dialogue on hisFacebook page, and the comments show that affected residents appear to be split over the issue.

While many are happy to have the bins and to participate in the recycling program, others who don’t recycle want the bins removed ASAP. The added monthly charge of $1.67 is applied to all accounts, regardless of whether the homeowners are participating in recycling or not. This has non-recyclers up in arms, as they feel that they shouldn’t have to pay the added fee and some are wondering if the City is profiting from them.

“There have been questions about the City of Pearland making a profit off trash collection and recycling,” stated Ordeneaux via Facebook. “These are pass-through charges, with the exception of a $1 per customer charge that has been in the contract for many years that helps to fund Keep Pearland Beautiful, which is a great organization that supports the City of Pearland but is not a department of the City.”

Ordeneaux encourages those with concerns to attend the upcoming City Council meeting on Monday, March 24. “Please look over the agenda for Monday night’s City Council meeting. We will start at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers at Pearland City Hall [3519 Liberty Drive]. We would love to have input from our residents,” he wrote.

To stay informed about issues within the City, sign up for email alerts here. To have your 96-gallon bins picked up on the next service day, call 713-686-6666. For more information about recycling, visit Keep Pearland Beautiful.

If you live in the City Limits, what do you think about the Recycling Program?

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