Lock, Take, and Hide — Prevent Crime from Occurring to You

Take, Lock, Hide – The basic crime fighting tool to prevent vehicle burglary

Lock your car. Yes, it takes seconds to break a window, but doing so makes noise and criminals hate making noise.

Hide valuables from sight, or, even better, take items with you. If a criminal doesn’t see anything, they are less likely to break in, and will go to the next vehicle and window shop.  Remember to hide valuables before you park in the place you are going to leave your vehicle.  If a criminal sees you put a laptop in the trunk, they will just break into the trunk when you leave.  Same advice goes for putting property under a seat. If a criminal sees you reaching under a seat, they will assume something is under there, break in, and look for property.

There is no 100% foolproof way to prevent crime. You can make yourself less likely to be a victim of vehicle burglary by following the above tips, and by using common sense.  Simply locking your vehicle and removing property from inside is half the battle.

Remember that YOU are an important partner in the fight against crime!

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