Last Day for the Real Homeowners of Pine Hollow HOA to Speak Up

Will today be the last day that only members of Pine Hollow HOA can serve on our Board?

It probably will if enough people don’t show up at tomorrow’s Annual Membership Meeting.

Clearly, the Board wants to enable non-members to sit on our Board. For $10 a renter has already purchased a 10% interest in a Pine Hollow property. With tomorrow’s proposed amendment change, that $10 is all it will take to be eligible to serve on the Board.

Should a $10 fee be all it takes to determine our dues, our guidelines, and our enforcement policies?

What does a “10% interest” in a property really mean? As far as we can tell, all it means, if the Board has its way, it a lot of rights and power with no responsibilities or accountabilities.

The current guidelines require someone to be a member (a homeowner) in the HOA to serve on the Board. Does that make common sense. Why go through with this Board-driven scheme to open the Board up to non-members?

For $10 and a 10% interest. What can one get for $5? A 5% interest? What about a 1% interest for $1? Under the proposed amendment, that $1 would be enough. Does that really make sense? Isn’t there some minimum investment, some minimum stake involved in the HOA, that should be required? Is a $10 stake good enough to speak for the real homeowners of Pine Hollow?

What is wrong with the current bylaws requirement that someone be a member of the Association? Nothing, unless the person you want to sneak onto the Board isn’t a member. We don’t remember receiving an announcement from the Board about this renters’ appointment to Board. We don’t don’t remember an email from the Board asking if any real members of the Association want to serve on the Board. Do you?

Whatever you opinion and position, please show up tomorrow (Wednesday) at the annual meeting at Friendswood Library 7:00 pm to let your opinion be heard. It may be your last chance to have your vote as a real homeowner count more than someone who paid $10 to buy in.

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