For $10 You Too Can Be a Pine Hollow HOA Board Member

Maybe you thought it couldn’t happen. Maybe you thought that no one would deed over a fraction of property to make a non-homeowner eligible to sit on the Pine Hollow HOA Board. Thank again.

Remember when we alerted you that a renter, Julie Bennett, was appointed by the Board to a vacant seat on the Board despite her not owning property in the Association?

Remember the article we posted which described how to get a renter to the board by deeding a small fraction of land for a trivial price in order to make that person eligible to be on the Pine Hollow Board of Directors?

Maybe you thought that there was no problem with the proposed bylaw amendment where any “property owner” could be on the Board of Directors, despite not being a lot owner / member of the Association?

Well guess what?  It HAS happened!!!

For a mere $10 a renter can now own a 10% stake in a property and secure a spot on the Pine Hollow HOA Board. Still don’t believe? Here is a copy of the deed showing the transfer on February 26, 2014: $10 Deed to Julie Bennett.

Apparently, the current Board thinks we are all so naive and gullible as to believe it all a big coincidence – the $10 deed to Julie Bennett, the management company’s statement that she is now on the Board, and the proposed Bylaw amendment by the Board.

Clearly, our Board is trying to manipulate the composition of the Board and is willing to jeopardize the rights of the real homeowners in Pine Hollow to do it. We now could have an entire Board comprised of people who do not have any significant financial interest in the subdivision.

But it not too late to prevent this erosion of our rights as Pine Hollow home owners. It is not to late to show up at Wednesday’s annual meeting and express concern about the proposed bylaw amendment. It is not too late to vote against the amendment.

But soon it will be. If no one shows up to the meeting Wednesday and the amendment passes, then non-members of the Association will be deciding on our dues, on how to enforce HOA guidelines, and on how to spend Association money – our money – to which they did not contribute since they to not pay dues!

It is really sad when the current Board not only knows about this and allows it to happen but actually aids in perpetration of this scheme to enable non-members and renters to sit on our Board.

If you care about the value of your home and quality of life in your subdivision, show up to the annual meeting on Wednesday. However you vote, show up and let your opinion be counted.

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