Looking a Gift Horse from MUD18 in the Mouth

What is a detention pond and why is MUD18 discussing whether to give it back to the Pine Hollow HOA?

A detention pond is an excavated area designed to hold excess rain water and protect adjacent areas against flooding. Simply put, it is hole in the ground, a carefully engineered and sized hole, that holds water so our houses won’t flood in heavy rains.

While anybody can dig a hole in the ground, building a proper detention pond, with the right dimensions and hydraulics, to protect surrounding areas from flooding is another matter. It requires the engineering expertise to design, build, assess, and maintain.

Expertise which the Pine Hollow HOA Board does not have.

So why is MUD18 debating whether to give the detention pond located in Pine Hollow Esates to the HOA? Is it in Pine Hollow’s best interest to take this liability after successfully having it deeded it to MUD18 over 10 years ago?

Yes, liability. There are many judgments against HOA’s involving detention ponds. If, God forbid, the detention pond fails and houses flood, the owner of the detention pond faces liabilities, lawsuits, and potential damages for which the HOA and the members of the HOA (that’s us) become responsible. If a child fails in and, God forbid, drowns in a full detention pond, the owner becomes liable.

Lack of expertise to maintain a detention pond and desire to avoid the liabilities associated with owning a detention pond are two big reasons the Pine Hollow Board had the detention pond deeded to MUD18 in the first place.

If MUD18 doesn’t want it anymore, maybe it should go to Brazoria County Drainage District #4 (DD#4) since they are in the business of maintaining flood ways, detention ponds and creeks.

Either way, it should not be returned to the Pine Hollow HOA. What is in the best interest of MUD18 may not be in the best interests of Pine Hollow homeowners.

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