Police Contacts & Vacation Watch Requests

Pine Hollow – Pearland Police Contact Information

Pine Hollow Police Contact:  Officer Palomo       281.997.4230           npalomo@pearlandtx.gov

Emergency                                                                                                          911

Non-Emergency                                                                                                 281-997-4100

Vacation Watch Requests                                                                                  281-997-4100

  • When going on vacation or if your home is going to be empty because you are selling your home, please contact the Pearland Police. By notifying the Pearland Police, they will notify the Police Officers assigned to the Pine Hollow Subdivision that you are gone in order to have your properties on close watch. You will need to let police know when you will be gone, how can the Police Department contact you if something is wrong, and any incidental information such as who is feeding the animals, what cars should be there, lights on timers and etc. The Police will be glad to check on your homes as often as they can as part of their patrols.



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